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with give in to love birdpaula recomposes the puzzle of her singular and fertile life with an ever-varied musical score always attuned to the expression of her true and profound identity: that of a multi-faceted artist in love with freedom. this independence becomes the lever of the catchy songs on the album - as in the cheeky impudence of bird will fly, recalling nancy sinatra in her heyday.. the 60’s soul feel of take the sway train, to the playful mix of surrealism, boogie-woogie and ragtime in the joyous and kaleidoscopic picnic party. it is as if the eye of the painter, fond of certain colors, connects with the musician’s palette of  atmospherique soundscapes.and so sensuality is never far from her admiration for marvin gaye.. diamonds to light or where is my heartecho the feminine singer-songwriters of the early 70’s like carole king or the white soul of laura nyro. with finely-honed lyrics, forceful melodies, jazz voicings and elegant, minimalist arrangements, birdpaula bestows on this modern and upbeat album all the coherence of her rich personality.

birdpaula - aka paula moore - is an american singer/songwriter and visual artist living in paris. 



free-dom is a state of mind

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